A name, a way

of doing research

Who we are

A name, a way of doing research

Ever since we created IN-DEPTH in 1998, we’ve believed in a different way of doing research. This has remained our philosophy over the years: it is part of what we are, both as a company and as a team.

We are a research and strategic consultancy institute with an essentially qualitative approach. A multi-disciplinary team of highly-experienced and trained professional people, whose associates are not mere managers but key players, actively engaged in every single research project.

In-depth is a consolidated project which continuously draws on its enthusiasm, ongoing development and close attention to constant change and new trends.

Above all, we offer the highest commitment to the clients who entrust us with their needs and strategies, in an “In-depth” customer relationship that marks us out from the rest.

We believe that:

  • Academic or ”reductionist” approaches alone are unable to provide total solutions.
  • Problems and solutions cannot be separated from their social context, the movements that cause them or from consumer experience.
  • Knowledge that the insights and strategies proposed can only be useful if they are communicated in a way that fits the specific culture and identity of every client.
  • Our constant commitment to Personalisation, Flexibility and Creativity;  proposing and seeking the most suitable solutions for each individual case. It is not our policy to work with standardised products.

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